The resurrection of Notre Dame 90' & 52' 4K by Vincent Amouroux


On the evening of April, 15, 2019, the world watched in stunned silence as Notre Dame de Paris burned. Thought to be eternal, the cathedral nearly disappeared in the flames, reminding that even the greatest and most famous masterpieces of architecture are mortal. But Notre Dame is not dead and now begins a massive restoration.

How to proceed to restore the most magnificent Gothic cathedral ever built? Will the new cathedral feature a replica of the original or a brand-new crown as a symbol of the 21st century?

The answers may lie in Notre Dame’s complex past. From its first stone laid in 1163 to its restoration in 1844 and the present day, the cathedral survived centuries of France’s turbulent past.

Capturing revolutionary restoration techniques as Notre Dame de Paris returns to life, and capitalizing upon exclusive access to 3D-scans of the cathedral before the fire - made by Vassar College Professor Andrew Tallon -, and thanks to architects, historians and archaeologists, this documentary will trace the epic story of this iconic church.


Direction: Vincent Amouroux

Production: ZED for ARTE France

Delivery: End of 2021

Genre: History

Available versions: French, English