Becoming Al Pacino 52' by Jean-Baptiste Péretié


Al Pacino is a living legend of the cinema, with more than 40 theatrically-released movies to his credit. With the 50th anniversary of his big-screen debut fast approaching, our film probes the talents - and the demons - of this charismatic actor, while incorporating rare archives such as filmed essays and photos along with historical footage specifically related to his iconic films. 

Famous for embracing content that exposes the hidden worlds of the Italian mafia, gay rights activists, law enforcement and bank robbers, Pacino has created many characters that we will never forget. From Michael Corleone in The Godfather to Tony Montana in Scarface, his dynamic, powerful range spans from Broadway to television in addition to theaters throughout the world. A journey through his meteoric rise and tempestuous story from the beginning - until present day.


Direction: Jean-Baptiste Péretié

Production: ZED for ARTE France

Delivery: November 2021

Genre: Art & Culture

Available versions: French, English