Amazons: Women warriors 52' & 90' by Alexandra Barbot & Véronique Préault


2019, Russia: An archaeological expedition unearthed four skeletons of women, including a gold headdress, spears and riding equipment.

Could these women be real-life Amazon warriors - a fiercely independent tribe of warriors and hunters who were revered for their physical prowess and sheer strength comparable to the bravest of men? Is there any historical truth behind the myth of these hard-fighting, horse-riding female fighters?

From Russia to Armenia and Ukraine, new excavations and scientific analysis may help an international team of archaeologists and historians to solve an age-old mystery.

Combining field research, dramatic reenactments, 3D and in-depth interviews, our film will uncover who these nomads buried some 2500 years ago were, hoping to give women their true place in history.


Genre: History

Available versions: French, English