The 12th SS Baby Division, Fury in Normandy 52' by Julien Johan

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The 12th SS Panzer "Hitlerjugend" Division was only briefly engaged in battle, yet it became one of the most famous German divisions to fight in the Second World War.

Its baptism of fire came in June 1944, not even a year before the Third Reich’s surrender on the 8th of May, 1945.

These boy soldiers were the Reich’s last resort. They were barely seventeen years old, and the Nazi regime was virtually all they had ever known. They had been raised in the Hitler Youth, and on its racist and warlike ideology.

Despite their youth, Hitler’s little wolves would prove to be fierce warriors, and would often show indiscriminate cruelty. They left terror and desolation in their wake.

They were killers, and soon they would become mass murderers.


Direction: Julien Johan

Production: ZED

Genre: History

Available versions: French, English