History (5)

Great Castles: A Fortified Heritage 52'

Witnesses of time passing, the 1038 castles classified French have been a central concern of heritage enthusiasts. Discover the strategies and innovative solutions developed by their owners to protect these historical structures.

The Daunting Fortress of Richard the Lionhearted 52'

To protect his lands, English king Richard the Lionheart decided to build an impregnable castle along the Seine, a real proof of engineering and military ingenuity. Discover this great architectural adventure along a breathtaking war story.

The Korean War 2x52'

A new perspective on a little-known war that has influenced international relations to this day, and shaped the world we live in.

The Submarines of the Resistance 52'

Throughout World War II, the submarine "Rubis" and the submersibles of the "Free French Naval Forces" scoured the Atlantic to neutralize the German Navy. Discover these forgotten ships that made possible the liberation of France.

To Kill a Queen 52' & 110' 4K

"The death of a Queen. The birth of a legend". Thanks to newly discovered secret documents from Marie Antoinette's trial, plunge behind the scene of this fascinating trial, which led the last queen of France to her inexorable fate.