History (5)

A Justice of Terror 52’ & 90’

How were the law and justice perverted to serve Nazi ideology?

Besieged fortresses, legendary battles 4x52' 4K

From the Siege of Alesia, Caesar’s greatest victory, to the Siege of Orléans or that of La Rochelle, this gripping series explores how fortresses redefined the art of warfare, thanks to CGI, dramatized scenes and key experts.

The Desert War 52'

The gripping account of a forgotten conflict, from a new perspective.

Vikings: The Ghost Ship and the forgotten kingdom of the north 52' & 90' 4K

A suspenseful and never told before scientific tale to retrace the viking saga.

Raising Notre-Dame 3x52' 4K

An international team of experts investigates secrets hidden inside Notre-Dame de Paris in order to successfully plan its restoration.