History (7)

A Justice of Terror 2x45' & 90’

How were the law and justice perverted to serve Nazi ideology?

Hitler's Desert War 52'

The gripping account of a forgotten conflict, from a new perspective.

Vikings: The Ghost Ship and the forgotten kingdom of the north 52' & 90' 4K

A suspenseful and never told before scientific tale to retrace the viking saga.

Amazons: Women warriors 52' & 90'

A thrilling deep-time docudrama to uncover the truth behind the myth of Amazons.

Normandy: Northern men empire 3x52' 4K

A unique insight into 3 centuries of heroes, battles, fortresses and strategy.

Raising Notre-Dame 3x52' 4K

They thought they knew it all. They discovered they knew nothing.

Besieged fortresses, legendary battles - Season 2 4x52' 4K

This gripping series explores how fortresses redefined the art of warfare, thanks to CGI, dramatized scenes and key experts.