History (8)

Bastille day 52'

With 3D modeling and reconstructions, relive hour by hour the storming of the Bastille of July 14th 1789, the event that turned France's fate upside down.

Besieged fortresses, legendary battles 4x52'

Built at strategic points, and fitted with impressive fortifications and ingenious systems to counter attacks, fortresses are thought to be impenetrable. And yet, certain skillful warlords have successfully stormed them. How did they manage this?

Mussolini, the man who wanted to be Cesar 2x52'

Everyone knows Mussolini, one of the best-known figures of the 20th century, who embodied the alliance between Italy and Nazi Germany. But who knows the true story of Duce and, through him, Italian Fascism?

The man who killed Napoleon 3x52'

Thanks to newly discovered secret documents, revisit the rise and fall of Napoleon through his best enemy, Joseph Fouché.

Hitler's Teen Killers 52'

The 12th SS Panzer "Hitlerjugend" Division became one of the most famous German divisions to fight in the Second World War. Discover the story of these teenagers who were killers, and would soon become mass murderers.

The Mysteries of Jesus' Death 52'

A lot of questions still surround the last hours of Jesus’ life. Recent discoveries and experts’ analysis shed some light on this enigma. Did Jesus really dies on the cross? Follow this investigation on one of History’s biggest mysteries.

The resurrection of Notre Dame 90' & 52' 4K

An intimate behind-the-scenes look at the monumental effort to rebuild Notre Dame, retracing its tumultuous 850-year history.

Warships, 400 years of history 60'

Going through technological advances and power games between nations, this film retraces the compelling history of warships.