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We recently attended ATF, download our line-up programmes here!

We were at the World Congress of Science & Factual Producers, download our line-up new projects here!

We were at the MIPCOMDownload our new line-up here

Festivals & Awards 

Festival International du Film d'Histoire - Pessac

Battle on the Frontline, Maginot VS Siegfried is selected for the festival's "defense day"

International Women's Film Festival

Best Documentary Award for the episode "From Temple to Synagogues: Absence and Presence" (directed by Celia Lowenstein) from our series Sacred Spaces.


Digits won the first prize in the "long-form Series" category

Festival International du Film d'Aventure (FIFAV) of La Rochelle

The Great Alps Crossing is selected in the "Quai de l'aventure" category.

Under The Pole: Light Beneath the Arctic is selected in the "Hors les murs" category.

Festival du Film Documentaire 50/1

The first two episodes of Living Universe won the TV78 award of the festival. 

Pariscience, Science Film Festival 2018

The first episode of Living Universe, "The Planet Hunters", is selected in the school section.


Diary of an IVF won the public prize at the FIGRA ("Autrement Vu" Category).

HOT DOCS Festival

The Real Thing is selected for the official program of the Canadian festival. (for the Artscapes category)

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