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ZED to launch 3 ground-breaking scientific investigations for France Télévisions.
Sunny Side of the Doc 2020 - ZED unveils 3 new and inspiring science projects.
Queen Elizabeth II & Donald Trump: ZED to portrait two figures of power.
ZED to distribute its first animated series, Lina’s World.
Iraq, Destruction of a Nation - ZED announces pre-sales.

Marie Antoinette, Trial of a Queen, ZED's first fiction: Interview of Gaëlle Guyader, producer of the film, in the Mag TV France International (article in French).

Festivals & Awards  

Pariscience 2021

Manufacturing Ignorance is the winner of the "AST - city of Paris" award, the Students award and the High School award.

Green Screen International Wildlife Filmfestival Eckernförde 2021

Ocean super predators is the winner of the category "Best Marine Film".

Festival International du film d'Histoire de Montréal (FIFHM) 2021

Iraq, Destruction of a Nation is part of the official selection of the festival

Docs MX Festival 2021

Once upon a time in the West... of Africa is part of the official selection of the festival

NaturVision Filmfestival 2021

Ocean super predators won the "German Wildlife Film award".

FOCAL International Awards 2021

Gulag, the Story is nominated in the "Best Use of Footage in a History Production" category

Jackson Wild: World Wildlife Day Film Showcase

Mundiya Kepanga, the Voice of the Forest is the winner of the category "My Forest: Long Form"

Colorado Environmental Film Festival 2021

The Frozen Kingdom of the Snow Leopard is officially selected.

Torelló Mountain Film 2020

Iran: Teaching among the Nomads won the Grand Prize "Vila de Torelló”.

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