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Broken Arrows, the Lost Bombs of the Cold War 2x52'

Thanks to protagonists and experts, this film looks back at four nuclear accidents that have been classified as official secrets. Now published, the files show how the relentless standoff between two superpowers led us to the brink of obliteration.

Cities Under Threat 4x45'

How can Tokyo survive sitting on some of the most seismically active rocks on the planet? How do engineers try to protect NYC from what created it: water? Discover the technological innovations developed to save cities from disappearing.

Clean Torture: An American Fabrication 52'

Combining archive and contemporary footage, this documentary delves into 70 years of the history of torture in the United States, thanks to the testimonies of researchers and witnesses - victims or tormentors.

Decoding Da Vinci 52’ 4K

Through sketches and notebooks, this film takes a fresh look at Da Vinci’s painting and what it meant to him: Total art as a way to understand the world.

Cuba, Embracing Its Future 2x52' & 110'

Experience the Cuban way of life and meet the men and women who keep it alive. Between claimed heritage and modernity, the Cuban people have created a unique society.

Cougar: On the Trail of the Ghost Cat 52' 4K

In the heart of France, a deadly beast appeared 250 years ago. Since 5 years, a rumor runs: the ghost of Gévaudan is back. The photographer Bruno Loisel follows the predator in its footsteps, to prove that it is, in fact, a Cougar of America.

Closer to the Stars 52' & 90'

Where do we come from? Are we alone in the universe? This film takes us behind the scenes of the world’s greatest observatories, to discover what makes the astronomers’ heart beat today.

Masdar, Exploring our Future 52'

Welcome to Masdar City. Located 30 kilometers from Abu Dhabi in the midst of an inhospitable desert, this city aims to be the world’s first sustainable “smart city”, with no carbon footprint. Take a look behind the scenes of the city of tomorrow!

Masters of Comedy 4x52'

From their first steps in cinema to their latest films four icons of French-style comedy look back on their careers and their relationship to cinema.

The Pyramids: Solving the Mystery 6x47’

How were the pyramids built? What are the next revelations surrounding their eternal secrets? Thanks to CGI, satellite imagery and cutting-edge aerial archeology, this series decodes the mysteries of their construction.

The Real Thing: Real Life in a Copycat World 52' 4K

The Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the Vatican... All these iconic monuments have replicas scattered around the globe. Take a trip to a copy of our world, and meet the people who bring these places to life.

The Ordinary Heroes 52' 4K

How can someone act bravely instead of running away when faced with dangerous situations? Alongside a psychologist and neuroscientist, meet these men and women and discover what allows them to switch from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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