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Firefighters, in the Heart of Danger 6x52' 4K

FIRE! FIRE! Every year, 60,000 wildfires rage across Europe devastating 3 million acres of land. But what causes these fires? Are they intentional or accidental? A research unit investigates using the same forensic tools and techniques as CSI.

Flying Without Borders 52'

From Estonia to Ethiopia, crossing through Ukraine, Turkey and Israel, follow a young Eurasian crane on its 6000-kilometer-journey till its winter resting site.

Forts of Verdun, a Military Chess Game 52'

With 38 forts at stake, Verdun was a highly strategic place during WWI. Through rare archives, 3D animations and interviews of historians and scientists, this documentary plunges us inside these coveted fortifications from a fresh perspective.

For Dog’s Sake 52'

Following the steps of a dog, from its abandonment to its adoption by a new family, this moving documentary explores the millenary and unique bond existing between dogs and humans.

Football player and gay: at the heart of the taboo 52'

The story of the first French football player to have come out.

Fontainebleau, building a royal palace 47'

It is the largest castle in France with Versailles. François 1st, Henri IV, the Sun King and Napoleon contributed during nine centuries to its building. Plunge into the incredible story of the castle of Fontainebleau.

Diary of an IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) 75'

I am 40 years old, and my partner Rodolphe is 42. We had been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby. After many months, we meet Professor René Frydman. Rodolphe decided to film our journey with his mobile phone, where no other camera had been before.

Decoding Saqqara, the Secret hieroglyphs of the Pyramids 52' & 75'

A two-month immersion in one of the greatest archeological missions to crack the secret texts of Saqqara.

Cambridge, sounds of King's College 43'

Through music and the greatest works composed there, this film opens the doors of King’s College, and goes back over 500 years of history.

Chicken Planet 52' 4K

The love story between chickens and men has lasted for over 10000 years. How has this humble forest animal managed to conquer all territories and become the most abundant and diversified feathered species on our planet? Enter the chickens’ world!

Bush Blitz, Expedition on Indigenous Lands 52'

A group of scientists joins forces with the know-how of aboriginals to lead the Bush Blitz expedition in the heart of the inhospitable Australian Gibson desert.

Building Green 4x52'

Mankind is currently defying all 4 basic elements to engineer big, useful, ambitious and environmentally friendly projects that will shape our future on Planet Earth and even plant the seeds for the colonization of other planets.

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