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Amsterdam Under Threat 45'

How is Amsterdam preparing for the worst? Discover the innovative and ambitious projects developed to save this emblematic city from the rising waters.

Amber Alert 6x52'

Plunge into six children kidnapping cases and explore from the inside a unique and colossal system: The AMBER Alert.

Ambassadors in Berlin: The Whistleblowers of WWII 52'

They tried to alert the world to the rise of nazism but haven’t been heard. Through diplomats’ personal archive (telegrams, diaries..) this film tells the story of a world where people dance while the old world is sinking.

After Hitler 2x45' & 1x45'

In the five years that separated the end of World War II from the start of the Cold War, the world had hoped for a lasting peace, but instead found itself on the brink of apocalypse.

Beyond Movement: Our 6th Sense Revealed 52' 4K

The 6th sense has never ceased to be a sort of fantasy. But did you know we really had a sixth sense? Embark on a scientific investigation that sheds light on our little-known sixth sense called proprioception.

Brain Overload 52'

Emails, SMS, live threads, blogs, social networks, e-commerce, etc. Does this ceaseless flow of information have an effect on our health ? Has it engendered new diseases ?

Family on the Road 21x52' - new episodes

Fred, Laure, Martin and Chine travel around the world to meet people who try to make the world a better place and imagine new solutions to bring people and nature together.

Fighting For The Cuban Crocodile 52'

The Cuban crocodile is an endemic species now endangered. Meet the people struggling to save these reptiles and discover an animal that has become the symbol of an island that will do anything to preserve its identity and freedom. 

Face to face with the polar bear 52'

Follow the incredible destiny of a polar bear family, struggling to survive in a changing environment.

Eternal Egypt 4x52' 4K

From the Nile to the desert and guided by locals, explore Egypt through its ancient myths.

Embargo, Iran and the Sanctions 52'

Delve into 40 years of the history of the U.S. sanctions on Iran, from its inception to the present day, to understand how we got there.

Firefighters, in the Heart of Danger 6x52' 4K

FIRE! FIRE! Every year, 60,000 wildfires rage across Europe devastating 3 million acres of land. But what causes these fires? Are they intentional or accidental? A research unit investigates using the same forensic tools and techniques as CSI.

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