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Beach Jackals 45' 4K

Forced to flee to the Namibian Coast, some black-backed jackals have adapted to a new lifestyle. To catch new coastal preys, they need to communicate together and even collaborate - a behavior rarely seen amongst these canids.

Battle on the Frontline, Maginot VS Siegfried 52'

Discover how Line Siegfried and Line Maginot protected Germany and France during World War II by using modern technologies. A fight between the two most sophisticated defense systems at the time.

Battle for the Moon: 1957-1969, from Sputnik to Apollo 2x52’

To commemorate humanity’s first walk on the moon 50 years ago, this film will revisit the space race - from the launch of the first Soviet Sputnik in 1957 to the American triumph of the Apollo 11 in 1969.

Bad News for the Media! 52' & 70'

Fake news, "infobesity", media mistrust...: Today, 60% of people don’t trust the media anymore. The press is in a bad shape and people are sick of hearing the daily news. Can we reinvent journalism?

An American Depression 52'

A full archive documentary on the consequences of the Great Depression of 1929, through the most iconic pictures of the crisis, from photographers Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans and Arthur Rothstein.

An American Affair: Trump & the FBI 52' & 86'

This exclusive investigation explores Trump’s secret ties to the FBI and the Mafia, using privileged access to FBI officials.

A New Prehistory 3x52' 4K

Where do insects, birds and mammals come from? Thanks to new technologies and recent discoveries, scientists recreate the missing branches of the tree of life. Like a paleontological investigation, this series brings back these forgotten creatures.

A Volcano Odyssey 52' & 90'

Volcanoes give and take. They partially caused the demise of dinosaurs but also helped the emergence of mammals. To understand the power of volcanoes, this film goes back in time and trace the life of a volcanic hotspot in the Indian Ocean.

A Cat And Mouse Game 52'

To eat or be eaten? Such is the dangerous relationship between a predator and his prey that governs the animal kingdom and decides the fate of each and every one. Explore the relationship between cat and mouse and discover their intriguing behavior.

5 submarines against the Nazis 52'

Throughout World War II, the submarine "Rubis" and the submersibles of the "Free French Naval Forces" scoured the Atlantic to neutralize the German Navy. Discover these forgotten ships that made possible the liberation of France.

48H Under Suspicion 12x52'

Six episodes, six custodies of 48 hours, and a lot of murders. Based on testimonies of lawyers, magistrates and policemen, this series uses immersive reenactments to relive the crucial moment of custody.

A World of Scents 5x52’

Plunge into the sensorial world of fragrant plants and meet those who struggle to preserve them. From New-Caledonia to Venezuela through the South of France and the Comoro Islands, embark on a journey between artisanal craft and perfume creation.

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