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Marie Antoinette: trial of a queen 110' 4K

"The death of a Queen. The birth of a legend". Thanks to newly discovered secret documents from Marie Antoinette's trial, plunge behind the scene of this fascinating trial, which led the last queen of France to her inexorable fate.

Life in Hell 4x52' & 4x43'

Just 30 years ago, scientists believed that certain places on Earth were sterile. Life there was simply impossible, just as it is absent from other planets.

Let Me Capture Your World 2x52'

With his poet's eye and his unique way of capturing the world in which we live, photographer Nicolas Henry travels to India, land of legends and divinities.

Jackie Chan: Building an Icon 52'

This film looks back at the making of a popular hero who has become the symbol of China, and that of a whole continent.

Jews in Vichy: From Exclusion to Deportation 60'

1942: Almost 80,000 French Jews are arrested, following the orders of Adolf Hitler and Vichy. From the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup to Auschwitz, thanks to the most recent historiography and reenactment, plunge into the making of the Holocaust.

1000km Rowing Across the Zambezi 52'

Mille kilomètres à la rame sur le Zambèze, des chutes de Chavuma aux chutes Victoria. Une immersion complète à deux sur un canoë, pour mieux aller à la rencontre des tribus qui bordent le fleuve et des nombreux animaux qui viennent y boire.

Iran: Teaching Among the Nomads 52'

In the Zagros Mountains, a teacher accompanies a nomadic family on their transhumance. For three weeks, he walks with them and gives the children lessons. A poetic look at this little-known people and their lifestyle, which is doomed to disappear.

Inuk 90'

Inuk, 16, lives in the capital of Greenland and is sent, against his will, to a children's home in the far north of Uummannaq. Far from his friends, far from his mother, far from his marks, he must (re)learn to live.

Killer Whale 52'

Follow the adventures of a young killer whale, a species closely followed by divers for the first time in this never-before-seen footage.

Ku Klux Klan, an American Story 2x52'

This revealing historical fresco bringing together archival footage and interviews tells the story of the Ku Klux Klan and, through it, that of America.

Leonardo: The Mystery of the Lost Portrait 52' & 90' 4K

500 years after the death of Leonardo da Vinci, plunge into the heart of a captivating scientific investigation to discover a painting that may be an unknown self-portrait of the artist.

Lengguru, A Living Sanctuary 4x52' & 90'

Plunge into the most important scientific expedition ever conducted in Papua and embark on the discovery of a lost world. A unique ecosystem about which everything, or almost, has yet to be discovered.

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