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Hawaii, Soul of Ukulele 52'

A ukulele fanatic, Joann Sfar flies to Hawaii to discover the origin of this mythical instrument. His goal: to flush out the ukulele of its dreams, steeped in history and charged with the famous Hawaiian spirit of the Aloha.

Inside Toulon Arsenal, Bastion of the Mediterranean 52'

Immersion in the "jewel of the Mediterranean". Toulon is now sheltering the largest naval base in France which hosts the flagship fleet of the French Navy. An unknown heritage highlighted in this documentary.

Inuk 90'

Inuk, 16, lives in the capital of Greenland and is sent, against his will, to a children's home in the far north of Uummannaq. Far from his friends, far from his mother, far from his marks, he must (re)learn to live.

Little nomads 52'

In a small village nestled in the Mongolian steppe, live Batma and her family. She will soon make a new turn in her life: settle in the city of Ulan Bator, far away from her home, to enter med-school. Four generations of women share their thoughts.

Living Universe 4x52' & 84' 4K

With breathtaking CGI and alongside the world’s most inspiring scientists, this series takes us aboard the next generation of spaceships to discover the planets beyond our solar system. What worlds lie out there among the infinite stars?

Lioness in Exile 52'

The dangerous odyssey of Manyari, Queen of her pride, who is forced to take huge risks by leaving her clan to protect her young cubs. Out in the wilderness, alone and badly injured, she so nearly pays the ultimate price. Will she succeed?

Life on us 90', 2x52' & 52'

A unique microscopic safari encountering the creatures that live, thrive, compete, feed, breed, are born or die on the surface or in the depths of our body.

Life on Fire 6x52'

Volcanoes are one of the most spectacular and powerful forces on our planet. They create new land, change landscapes and destroy civilisations, but more than two billion years ago they also breathed life into our world.

Manimal 5x52' & 5x43'

In the four corners of the world, people live cheek by jowl with wild animals in sometimes astonishing harmony.

Manufacturing Ignorance 52' & 90'

An in-depth and gripping investigation on the science of doubt, to expose the strategies put in place by the "doubt makers" in order to confuse the public debate and paralyze political decision-making.

Marlon Brando, an actor named desire 52' & 90'

An intimate glimpse at the life, times and struggles of Marlon Brando, the most legendary actor of all times, with rare footage and interviews of those who knew him best.

Marine Mammals: Champions of the Deep 52' 4K

Discover how marine mammals can survive deep underwater, far deeper than scientists have ever imagined. Thanks to new technologies, this film highlights the physiological adaptations that allow these ocean dwelling giants to dive so deep.

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