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When Paris was German 100'

June 14th 1940: the troops of the Wehrmacht enter Paris. Discover, from the invader's point of view, what their daily life was like in these exceptional circumstances. What were their living conditions? How did they experience it?

Wild horse of the Marshes (The) 52'

In Camargue, a natural jewel among the most authentic in Europe, horses roam freely. We embark to discover the unexpected life of these wild and noble animals.

What Ever Happened to Rosemary Kennedy? 52'

In 1941, JFK’s sister, Rosemary, mysteriously disappeared from public sight after a lobotomy ordered by her own father. For the first time, this film explores what has remained to this day the Kennedy family’s darkest secret.

Under The Pole: Light Beneath the Arctic 52'

Plunge into unexplored depths and discover for the first time biofluorescent Arctic species. A fabulous human and scientific adventure that immerses us into the unknown.

Under The Pole: Deep Sea Corals of Polynesia 52' 4K

This time, the UTP team is heading for the South Pacific to explore the corals of the deep. Among the 1st to study these reefs function, they try to determine if these depths might be a climate refuge for the survival of shallow coral in the future.

Women of Ravensbrück 52'

Delve into the hell women went through during WWII, thanks to the voice of survivors and historians, 3D models and reconstructions. An inside look at a camp for women that has been overlooked much of the time.

Wonders of Men 15x26' 4K

Each episode invites us to spend a day in a sacred monument to explore the world’s most remarkable religious constructions’ history, architecture and rituals, alongside the people who keep it alive.

Zoom Out 10x3' 4K

In a unique sequence entirely shot with drone, each episode starts from the ground, and then gradually rises up to 500 meters high, to reveal, in a spectacular way, an aerial view of our impact on the environment.

Zenith, Advances in Space Exploration 13x26'

A revolution in space science is unfolding, and our understanding of the universe is growing exponentially. What are the most recent discoveries? What technology made them possible?

You'll be straight 52' & 70'

Through the powerful testimony of victims and the voice of activists from California to Alabama, a gripping immersion into conversion therapies, which have divided the American society.

Y'Africa 13x26'

Embark on an exciting journey through Africa and meet a new generation of contemporary artists through interwoven portraits of painters, choreographers, actors or singers.

Under The Pole - collection 5x52'

A team of adventurers takes us on an expedition to explore the sea depths all around the world. To reach this goal, they will be surrounded by a team of experts. A fabulous human and scientific adventure that immerses us into the unknown.

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