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The Frozen Kingdom of the Snow Leopard 52' 4K

Set in the remote mountains of China and Tibet, this blue-chip documentary follows the perilous existence of a female leopard and her two young, who are less than a year old, in a valley of stunning beauty with a dazzling diversity of wildlife.

The Extraordinary Ella Maillart Journeys 52' & 73'

From Switzerland to Central Asia, this film tells the story of Ella Maillart one of the greatest travelers of the 20th Century. Thanks to her texts, film footage, photographs and interviews, follow in the footsteps of a woman who marked history.

The Eternal Notre-Dame 52' & 70'

The epic story of the construction of Notre-Dame de Paris, a masterpiece of gothic architecture.

The Élysée Palace, Architecture of Power 52'

Built in 1722, the Élysée Palace is known as the official residence of French Presidents. Thanks to 3D reconstructions, archives and interviews, this film tells the evolution through years and Presidents, of this symbol of the French Republic.

The Hidden Side of World War II 3x52'

More than 70 years after the end of the world’s deadliest war, grey areas still remain. Thanks to colorized archive footage, testimonies of survivors, and interviews of historians, this documentary series sheds the light on stories previously untold.

The Holy Relics: The Quest 52'

For centuries, researchers, historians and enthusiasts have been searching for the last relics of Jesus Christ. But do these Holy artifacts really exist? Plunge into the heart of a captivating investigation between archeology, history and mysticism.

The Last Giraffe 52' 4K

Kenya, 2050: the last giraffe just died. Travel through time and follow the footsteps of Twiga, one of the last baby giraffes.

The Korean War 2x52', 90' & 110'

As negotiations over the fate of the Korean Peninsula continue to dominate headlines worldwide, this film takes a long look at the Korean War and its continuing impact on the world we live in today.

The Kill 52' 4K

This blue-chip documentary captures a behavior rarely seen until now: the epic battle between the lionesses and the local giraffe population in Tanzania.

The Juilliard Experiment... An artist's adventure with music and musicians 83'

Could painting and music be played simultaneously? Follow the journey of painter Fabienne Verdier who leaves the solitude of her studio to be the first visual artist-in-residence at The Juilliard School in New York.

The Secrets of the Colosseum 90'

Discover how the ancient Romans built their vast stadium so they could reenact naval battles and stage spectacles involving hundreds of gladiators and wild animals.

The Song of the Sperm Whale 52' 4K

Follow an entire family of sperm whales in the heart of the Indian Ocean, and enter their mysterious world. Alongside a team of scientists, this film captures their sophisticated behaviors to understand how these popular leviathans communicate.

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