Vichy and the Nazis: a deal with the devil 60' by Pauline Legrand & François Pomès

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Summer 1942: A real manhunt took place in Paris, then in occupied France, and even in the ‘zone libre’ (free zone). Close to 80 000 Jews were rounded-up and deported to the concentration camps. Almost none of them ever returned. Without the help of the French authorities and police, these operations carefully planned by the Nazis would never have existed.

How did the Vichy regime collaborate with the Nazi dictatorship in order to send it 79 convoys of men, women and children? Thanks to immersive reenactments and archives footage for some unpublished, this film delves into the last elements revealed by historical research to make us live, from the inside, these waves of massive and violent arrests. One of the darkest episodes in history that still remains little-known.


Direction: Pauline Legrand & François Pomès

Production: Label News for RMC Découverte

Genre: History

Available versions: French, English

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