U-455, the mystery of the lost submarine 52' by Stéphane Bégoin

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In Summer 2008, a mysterious submarine is discovered off the coast of Italy at 120 meters deep. For Lorenzo del Veneziano, an underwater marine archeologist, it is an amazing sight. The submarine is intact! It stands almost vertically at the bottom of the sea, it's hull stuck in the sediment. What is the story of this ship, why is it here? By uncovering the mystery of its origins we will retrace the incredible story of U-455, a German warship that fought every marine battle against the Allies, from the Baltic Sea, to the Atlantic and then finally the Mediterranean where it now rests. An extraordinary underwater adventure and an ambitious historical investigation.


Direction: Stéphane Bégoin

Production: ZED with ECPAD for ARTE

Genre: History

Available versions: French, English


Water, Sea & the Oceans Festival
"History Under the Water" prize
Underwater Film Festival ((Marseille, France)
Gold Diver (Palme d’Or) & FFESSM Prize
International Festival of underwater and Adventure (Antibes, France)
Jury Special Mention
45th Maritime, Exploration and Environment International Festival Film of Toulon
Public Prize - Jury Special Mention
World Sea Film Festival (Dunkirk)
Grand Prize

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