The Science of Hypnosis 52' by Thierry Berrod & Pierre-François Gaudry

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Whether as an anesthetic, painkiller, or psychological aid for patients, hypnosis is increasingly used in numerous fields, to the point where it is now officially recognized for certain medical indications. Thanks to scientific imagery and advances in neurology, there have been many new discoveries about how the brain works under hypnosis. But what do we really know about this practice that was long the reserve of the stage?

Through experiments in previously unimagined applications, this film lifts the veil on the fabulous powers of hypnosis. Leading specialists in North America and Europe explain the latest studies and deconstruct received wisdom on this discipline which opens hitherto unexplored horizons, and gives us a new understanding of the power of thought and the workings of the brain.


Production : Mona Lisa Production and ARTE France. With the participation of Télé Québec.

Directed by : Thierry Berrod and Pierre-François Gaudry

Genre: Science

Available versions: French, English

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