The Nazi Exiles 52' by Géraldine Schwarz

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In the aftermath of WWII, most Nazi leaders managed to escape international justice. Many flew to South America, but there is another destination that remained little-known until now: the Middle-East. What ties did the Nazis have to that region? What local activities and organizations were they involved in?

Thanks to the combined efforts of historians, witnesses and former Nazi officers, and building on exceptional access to German State archives, the film sheds new light on this secret hideout and on the active role of Arab leaders who deliberately recruited Nazis. The Syrian and Egyptian governments wanted to take advantage of their know-how to rebuild their armies and intelligence services in order to fight against Israel. Key contributors include Walter Rauff, an SS officer who was hired by Damascus to recruit from amongst his former comrades-in-arms; Gerhard Mertins, a former Waffen-SS officer who trained Egyptian guerrillas in Cairo, and Johann von Leers, known later as Omar Amin, who served as a high-ranking propaganda ministry official in Egypt.

A well documented and eye-opening film that explores the origins of the links between National-Socialism and the Arab world under the Third Reich, and reveals the secrets of Hitler’s Arabian Plan.


Direction: Géraldine Schwarz

Production: Artline Films

Genre: History

Available versions: French, English

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