The Damned 66' by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

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Working in a slaughterhouse is a real taboo. It is not an ordinary activity: the majority of society considers it to be unbearable even in images and it is hard to imagine people earning their living this way.

How do ordinary people cope with this work? What impact does this "world apart" at the limits of the human condition have on the physical and mental health of the workers, who have to fight their own emotions in order to cope with their daily life?

Slaughterhouse workers, some of whom are still on the job, testify to their daily experience, from the very first day to the point where they cannot leave. Shot in the forest, a symbolic space of refuge and isolation, the documentary does not show any images captured in a slaughterhouse.


Direction: Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Production: Les Batelières Productions

Genre: Investigation & Politics

Available versions: French, English


Luchon International Festival
Originality of Subject Award 2020

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