Savages in Foreign Lands 52' by Raphael Biss

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Living far from the continent and isolated from the rest of the world, the Guanches believed they were the only survivors of a terrible natural catastrophe that had wiped out the entire humanity. 
Until six-hundred years ago, when some Spanish sailors first stepped on the Canary islands. More than 2500 years separated the two cultures.

Discover this civilisation living far from the known world - a civilization with no tongues, and a secret history. Savages in Foreign Lands reveals the untold story of this society, lost in the Atlantic ocean in the pre-columbian times.  An unprecedented quest to the truth and identity, but also a story of survival, legacy, conquest and recognition.


Direction: Raphael Biss

Production: Unseen Motions LTD

Genre: History

Available versions: English

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