Sad people factory (The) 52' & 80' by Michèle Dominici

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In 2000, the World Health Organization stated that depression had reached epidemic proportions: 350 million people are concerned by this leading cause of disability worldwide, which may affect 50% of the people on earth during their lifetime.

Today, it seems absolutely necessary to look into this contemporary curse, with a fresh approach. What if we stopped reducing depression to a strictly individual phenomenon? What about searching the collective causes to such profound distress?

The film is a worldwide investigation into the global nature and epidemic scope of depression, shown from a societal point of view that challenges the individual notion of depression. We plan to bring together original points of view from those – sociologists, philosophers, social workers, neuropsychiatrists – who are on the subject’s cutting edge, in order to find the contextual evidence of what is creating this fertile ground for depression. We’ll create, through a worldwide journey, the possibility of a global reflection about the very characteristics of our time.


PRODUCTION: Flach Film Production for Arte

DIRECTOR: Michèle Dominici

Genre: Investigation & Politics

Available versions: French, English

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