Planet Sand 5x52' by Thierry Berrod, Paul-Aurélien Combre, Pierre-François Gaudry, Quincy Russell

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Because of climate change, a constantly growing surface of the planet is threatened by desertification. Glaciers are retreating while deserts are spreading. This movement has dramatically increased over the last fifty years and deserts are advancing at an alarming pace.

This series invites you to plunge into these most inhospitable but fascinating areas, so-called dry lands. Through five episodes (the Gobi Desert in Mongolia/China, the Aral desert in Central Asia, the Atacama Desert in Chile, the Victoria Desert in Australia and the Sahara in Mauritania/Mali) we meet researchers, scientists and people who are working together to find solutions to curb this phenomenon.

 A spectacular voyage of discovery to the most exceptional deserts in the world.



Production: Mona Lisa Production

Directed by: Thierry Berrod, Paul-Aurélien Combre, Pierre-François Gaudry, Quincy Russell

Genre: Science

Available versions: French, English


Episode 1: Sahara, reconquering lost lands

Episode 2: Atacama, the quest for water

Episode 3: Aralkum, the world's youngest desert

Episode 4: Australia, the desert continent

Episode 5: China, at war against deserts


Award for Best International Documentary Film
13th Imperia Festival - Italia

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