Pin-Up, the Revenge Of A Sex-Symbol 52' by Sophie Peyrard

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Object of masculine domination gone by the wayside or the ultimate symbol of modern girl power? Pegged to the cliché of the ditzy blonde - or the brunette with wavy hair - in the 1950’s, today the pinup is taking her revenge. 

With the strong comeback of burlesque superstar strippers (Dita Von Teese at the helm), the image of the easy-to-get girl is being replaced by a strong woman, mistress of her body that uses her power of seduction as she pleases. Has the pin up become the ultimate icon of feminism?

From Paris to Los Angeles, via Berlin and Brussels, strippers and specialized authors lift the veil on an icon who hasn’t said her last word. Mixing archive footage and interviews, this film tells the story of a sex symbol constantly reinventing itself - beyond the clichés.

Let the pin-up speak out!


Direction: Sophie Peyrard

Production: Program 33 for ARTE France

Genre: Art & Culture

Available versions: French, English

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