Life on us 90', 2x52' & 52' by Pierre-François Gaudry & Annamaria Talas

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Just like planet Earth, our body is composed of fascinating landscapes, and like it, is the scene of surprising wildlife. "Life On Us" offers a unique microscopic safari, encountering the creatures that live, thrive, compete, feed, breed, are born or die on the surface or in the depths of our body.

Some may seem harmful, others are useful and even essential to our survival, but all participate in a subtle biological balance, constructed during our evolution.

We will travel from the savannas of our skin to the jungles of our scalp, from the acid lakes in our stomach to the moist caves of our intestine.

Along the way, we will realize that the biodiversity on our bodies is essential to our balance.

We harbor more bacteria than we have cells, viruses have taken up residence in our genes, we are in constant interaction with thousands of living organisms, and that is what makes us human!


Production: Mona Lisa Production and Smith & Nasht

Director: Pierre-François Gaudry and Annamaria Talas

Genre: Science

Screening Room

For professional use only

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