Let's Cruise! 6x52' by Isabelle Gendre

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Embark on a journey to discover the cruise industry! In recent years, it has undergone major changes coupled with dynamic growth. The recipe for this success? Affordable prices, sunny destinations that are easy to get to, and a wide range of entertainment and restaurants, all wrapped in an eclectic setting complete with oriental palaces, Venetian cafés, Parisian brasseries and Hollywood sumptuousness.

But behind this colorful festive appearance lies an almost military organization. How does this special society work? Plunge into this documentary series to discover a world where everything is geared towards ensuring the guests have an outstanding on-board experience.


Production: Camera One Production

Directed by: Isabelle Gendre

Genre: Factual

Available versions: French, English


Episode 1: New Excursion to Mallorca

Episode 2: Two Commanders

Episode 3: Day of loading

Episode 4: New Show

Episode 5: Visit of the Chief

Episode 6: Happy Cruising

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