Lengguru, A Living Sanctuary 4x52' & 90' by Christine Tournadre

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Born after the violent collision of tectonic plates at the borders of the Indian Ocean, in West Papua, the Lengguru karst massif surged upwards suddenly 11 million years ago, raising insurmountable barriers. It has since remained closed on itself. As a result, this region has permitted the development of a myriad of species found nowhere else. A unique ecosystem about which everything, or almost, has yet to be discovered.

This film recounts the most important scientific expedition ever conducted in Papua. A team of some 50 European and Indonesian researchers ventured for eight weeks in territories never attained before. They explored one of the richest and least known biodiversity zones in the world to elucidate its mysteries. In the depths of marine waters, inside a labyrinth of underground caves, in the heart of the rainforest, or in altitude, atop jagged peaks, they tried to unravel the secrets of the evolution and adaptation of living species, prisoners of this lost world for millions of years.


Direction: Christine Tournadre

Production: Mona Lisa Production

Genre: Science

Available versions: French, English


One off 52' & 90': Lengguru, the Lost World

Series 3x52': Lengguru, a Living Sanctuary 

  • Life Underwater
  • Land of a Thousand Species
  • Life Underground

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