Last Days in Shibati 60’ by Hendrick Dusollier

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Shibati, the last remaining old district in China's largest city, Chongqing, is about to be demolished. Some of its inhabitants — seven-year-old Zhou Hong, the little prince of the alleys, Mr Li, and the extraordinary Ms Xue Lian, godmother to migrant workers — are voices from a world on the brink of destruction. They must abandon their home to be forcibly resettled in a modern world they do not understand. 

We witness the gradual dismantling of this neighbourhood, as chronicled over time by director Hendrick Dusollier. In spite of the language barrier, Dusollier eventually befriends the locals, following them to what would soon be their new home—in one of thousands of anonymous tower blocks in a far-off suburb.

Rather than a snapshot of mass re-housing in China, Dusollier paints instead an intimate portrait of the locals, exposing the devastation caused by their displacement. Touching and funny, this documentary paints a masterful portrait of China's unbridled modernization. 


Production : Studio HdK Productions, Maria Roche Productions, Les Films d'Ici

Directed by : Hendrick Dusollier

Genre: Investigation & Politics

Available versions: French, English


Le Grand Bivouac
Media Prize
Deauville Green Awards
Gold Awarded in the "Housing and Urban Planning" category
FIFEQ in Montreal
Selected for the official program
International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
Special Jury Award
Lussas Festival
Official Selection
Guanajuato International film festival
Best Documentary
Cinéma du Réel International Film Festival
Best French Documentary (Marcorelles Award)
Cinéma du Réel International Film Festival
Youth Award

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