Inuk 90' by Mike Magidson

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In Greenland’s capital, sixteen year-old Inuk lives a troubled life with his alcoholic mother and violent step-father.
One morning, after pulling the half-frozen boy out of an abandoned car, the social services decide to send Inuk North, to a children’s home on a tiny island in the middle of the arctic sea-ice.

There, Inuk meets Ikuma, a local polar bear hunter, who has his own share of problems. Haunted by his troubled past, his extraordinary hunting skills are mysteriously disappearing.
The children's home’s warm-hearted director, Aviaaja, asks Ikuma to take Inuk on his annual seal-hunting trip. She is certain that despite the risks of such a long and dangerous voyage, Inuk will learn that he has a valiant past and a hopeful future.

So when Inuk, the city boy, joins Ikuma, the last great hunter of the North, on this epic dogsled voyage, they will face much more than the bitter cold and fragile sea-ice. The most difficult part of the journey will be the one they must make within themselves...


Direction: Mike Magidson

Production: DOCSIDE

Genre: Human Stories

Available versions: French

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