Humanima 31x26'

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Today, many animal species are under threat, some even heading for extinction. They are endangered by man, their environment, or even by other animals.

From Canada to Mexico, Africa and Asia, Humanima goes in search of passionate people who have built up extraordinary relationships with animals and nature, and who strive, day after day, to preserve these fragile species.

Each episode takes us to the heart of nature to visit the reserves in which these specialists care for and protect species such as seals, monkeys and bears, whose populations have shrunk dramatically in recent years.

We meet a veterinarian busy with springtime newborns at the zoo, men and women who provide shelter for sick and abandoned animals, or those who rehabilitate birds of prey, study whales, ducks, geese or a population of wild horses on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. These unsung heroes make us realize that we can respect and share our world with other species. Here lies the great challenge of the 21st century.


Production: Productions Nova Média

Genre: Nature

Available versions: French, English


  • In the Footsteps of the Man Who Speaks with Wolves
  • Blue Behemoths in the Sea of Cortes
  • Globetrotting Birdwatcher
  • Call of the Open Sea
  • Wilderness Inherited
  • Nature in his Playground
  • Wildlife Adventure
  • Rare Bree
  • Bringing Back the Plains Bison
  • Racing Under the Great Blue Sky
  • Filming the Deep
  • In Lemur Paradise
  • The Great Mother of the Hornbills
  • Beyond the Mask
  • Mountain Encounter
  • Deep in the Grizzly Country
  • Focus on Nature
  • Wolf Quest
  • Roam Like the Birds
  • Man Who Dances with Horses
  • On the Cougar Trail
  • Life in the Lands of the Gibbons
  • Life Beneath the Dome
  • Encounter with the White King
  • Echo of the Sea
  • The Roving Monarch
  • Elephant Memoirs
  • Rescuing the Turtles
  • Gorillas and Men
  • Life with Marine Mammals

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