History Uncovered 4x52' by Cédric Condom, Bernard Georges, Christiane Ratiney, Philippe Saada

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Myths die hard, and the history of the 20th century is no exception to this rule. Even today, we hold popular beliefs that we take for Evangelical truths.

Thus, we believe that Hiroshima caused Japan to surrender, that the Marshall Plan saved Europe, that Adolf Hitler was a military genius, or that Mao Zedong was a necessary evil for China’s modernization.

Of course, these judgments contain some truth; but, too broad-stroked to be accurate, they contradict the historical reality by denying its complexity. What if the truth was slightly different?

Through an exploration of great national or international myths, this full archive documentary collection revisits the key moments of the 20th century with a new perspective in order to provide a new, smarter and more subtle interpretation, bringing elements to light that have been forgotten or sometimes overshadowed.


Direction: Cédric Condom, Bernard Georges, Christiane Ratiney & Philippe Saada

Production: Cinétévé for ARTE France

Genre: History

Available versions: French, English


Season 1

Episode 1: Hitler, a military genius?

Episode 2: Hiroshima caused Japan to surrender?

Episode 3: The Marshall Plan saved Europe?

Episode 4: Mao, founder of modern China?


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