Hidden Treasures of Oceania: Papua New Guinea 52' by Gildas Corgnet & Julien Félix

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Papua New Guinea is a land similar to those in adventure novels. Having huge rivers and invaded by thick tropical forests, this country with 800 dialects is surprising with its cultural richness and incredible biodiversity.

Through three stories, this film reveals a land where legends and myths are still alive. Maurice Léponce, passionate entomologist, is looking for a small beast in the heights of these gigantic forests, seeking insects populating the canopy. Jona, on his part, cultivates coffee and is fighting for the development of the small villages of the Highlands. This documentary also takes us along to meet the Iatmul, the crocodile men tribe. These spectacular images take us into the heart of one of the last true lands of exploration, where the best way of finding your way is to lose yourself in it.


Direction: Gildas Corgnet & Julien Félix

Production: What’s Up Productions for France Télévisions

Genre: Nature

Available versions: French, English

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