High Energy: The Revival of Disco 52' by Olivier Monssens

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"Relax, don’t do it!", "This Time I Know It’s Real", "Oh, High energy!": these hits set the eighties on fire! From San Francisco to London and New York, explore the story of a new form of disco: Hi-NRJ, known for its electro beats, strange voices, and frenetic vibes.
More than a music trend, it was a whole underground nightlife that came to be in those years. This new cheerful musical style quickly turned into a whole decade culture, with partying and extravagance at its core. But this carefree atmosphere eventually faded out, struck by an epidemic that spread panic instead: AIDS.
Take a look behind the scenes of this golden era, thanks to glowing and flashy clips and rare interviews of artists, who fondly remember these unique, high-energy years.


Direction: Olivier Monssens

Production: Flair Production & Kaos Films for ARTE G.E.I.E

Genre: Art & Culture

Available versions: French, English

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