For Dog’s Sake 52' by Stéphane Jacques

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The dog is the first animal to sought companionship with the mankind. This millenary companionship between our two species has shaped the deepest functioning mechanisms of our most faithful companion. In order to be happy a dog must be related to a human. It is a matter of survival. So, dogs take the risk to love. Even if it means suffering. 

Discover the particular destiny of a dog, Gabin, from his abandonment to his adoption by a new family. Gabin is five years old when he lost his mistress. Right after he gets stuck in a shelter in spite of himself. Will he find a new family? Will he be loved again? Will he be able to trust a man again? Between breakups and love at first sight, this film explores this extraordinary mechanism that has allowed dogs to keep faith in us for nearly thirty thousand years. 


Direction: Stéphane Jacques

Production: Bonne Compagnie for France Télévisions

Genre: Nature

Available versions: French, English

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