Football player and gay: at the heart of the taboo 52' by Michel Royer & Yoann Lemaire


It's the story of a taboo. An absolute taboo, the taboo of homosexuality in football. From the changing rooms to the pitches to the stands, the ball sometimes doesn't go round on planet football. Yoann Lemaire has had the sad experience. Insults, humiliations, violence, even his exclusion from the field. An amateur footballer in the Ardennes, where he grew up, he was sacked from his own club in 2010 because his homosexuality was a problem within the team. It became the Lemaire affair, which shook the authorities of French football and FIFA. Yoann then became the first footballer to come out.

Seven years later, he decided to find out what had happened. He decided to confront the people who forced him to file a complaint. In a road movie-like film, Yoann takes us into the world of football. From the educators of small clubs to the stars of the Champions League, Yoann loosens his tongues and takes an uncompromising look at the sport, where taking a naked shower in a locker room can still be taken as a provocation.


Direction: Michel Royer and Yoann Lemaire

Production: Elephant Doc for France 2

Genre: Investigation & Politics

Available versions: French

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