Firefighters, in the Heart of Danger 6x52' 4K by Sacha Bollet, Benoit Demarle & Jacques Bedel


Every year, more than 60,000 wildfires rage across Europe devastating three million acres of land. In the last 30 years, despite increasing resources, the area of burnt land has doubled. Large forest fires, once the exception, are becoming the norm.

But what causes these fires? Are they intentional or accidental? A special research unit investigates using some of the same forensic tools and techniques as CSI.


Direction: Sacha Bollet, Benoit Demarle & Jacques Bedel

Production: Saint Thomas Productions for RMC Découverte

Genre: Factual

Available versions: French, English


Episode 1: Serial Fires

Episode 2: Kick Off

Episode 3: Pressure is Rising

Episode 4: Risk of Pyromaniac

Episode 5: Historic Fire

Episode 6: Calanques in Danger

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