Dans la tête d'un flic 52' by François Chilowicz

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On the one hand, the death of Adama Traoré, the serious injury inflicted on Théo L., the violence towards citizens during the demonstrations against the "labour law", the excesses, the blunders. On the other hand, the Molotov cocktails that seriously burned a police officer, the Magnanville attack and the couple of police officers murdered in their home and, on a daily basis, the insults, the spitting, the violence, the discrediting, the hierarchy that often remains silent and the suicide rate, 36% higher than the national average...

The growing misunderstanding between the police and the citizens is creating a dangerous fracture for the State. Breaking the duty of discretion imposed on them by their position, many police officers have been regularly out on the streets since 2016 to demonstrate their anger. Seven of them have come out of their silence and spoken out to Francois Chilowicz.


Direction: François Chilowicz

Production: Bellota Films for ARTE & LCP

Genre: Investigation & Politics

Available versions: French

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