The Toxic Sweets 52' by Maëlle Joulin

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Nostalgia for childhood or an anti-depression remedy, the French consume nearly 7 kilos of sweets every second. And that's good for the economy because most of the candy we consume is produced in France.

But what about our health? Even if we all know that sweets are very sweet and should therefore be eaten in moderation, we are not always aware that to sugar are added other components such as palm fat or even salt. The combination of sugar, fat and salt is particularly bad for our health.

But how can we do without sweets, those essential ingredients for festive moments?
A pleasure product that does not escape the craziest trends. The latest: candies with a "vomit" or "rotten egg" taste that are eaten as a group, as a challenge? Out of time and out of fashion, traditional sweets are still doing well by attracting consumers who are more attentive to the ingredients used. So industrial candies or traditional sweets, what do they really contain? Which to choose? Are candies toxic sweets?


Direction: Maëlle Joulin

Production: ZED for France Télévisions

Genre: Investigation & Politics

Available versions: French

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