Black Samurai 52' by Jean Queyrat

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In "Black Samurai", we're thrust into the lives of the Surma people, one of the fiercest tribes of southwestern Ethiopia, where war ravages the land.

Recently, because of a terrible famine, the Surma land has been infiltrated by hundreds of their lifelong enemies, the Bumis.

The King of Surma, watch over the confines of his territory to prevent attacks from the Bumis. He decides to call for a Donga, a dual with long sticks, which helps the clan to practice fighting for the upcoming battles.

Wole Kiwo will go through the violent trial. He will then exchange his stick for a kalachnikov, and return to the combat zone to fight the Bumis.


Direction: Jean Queyrat

Production: ZED for France Télévisions

Genre: Human Stories

Available versions: French, Castellano, Russian, English



International Film Festival of Toulon (France)
Best Music Award
Film Festival of Columbus (United States)
Plaque de Bronze

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