Becoming a Man 7x52' by Jean Queyrat, Benoît Ségur, Jérôme Ségur, Jean Michel Corrillion & Hamid Sardar

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This collection follows the epic ordeals of boys and girls living around the world. Each must face a grueling and impressive challenge in order to make the difficult passage to adulthood.

During each ordeal they must prove their intelligence, courage and maturity. Success will mean a new status and responsibilities within each community - but success isn't guaranteed. If they fail, they will remain children, until the next challenge.

The first three episodes won the Export Award in 2006 for the most distributed French documentary abroad. Each film from the collection have also won many awards in international festivals.

Today, the collection continues to grow and ZED produces one new episode per year.


Direction: Jean Queyrat, Benoît Ségur, Jérôme Ségur, Jean Michel Corrillion & Hamid Sardar

Production: ZED / Discovery Networks International for RAI 3 RTSI / RTBF / France 3 / TSR

Genre: Human Stories

Available versions: French, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Castellano, German, Neutral Spanish, English



  • Becoming a men in RealScreen July / August 2008


Export Award
Graz Film Festival (Austria)
Camera Alpin in Gold "Alpin and Foreign Culture"

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