Bardabunga Volcano 52' 4K by Jacques Bedel


At over 2,000 metres, Bárdarbunga, Iceland's second highest volcano, has been experiencing a major upsurge in activity since mid-August 2014. Thousands of earthquakes are regularly recorded and closely monitored by specialists.

The imminence of a full eruption is still uncertain. But if it does occur, it could lead to a glacial catastrophe. Indeed, the Bárdarbunga is located under the Vatnajökull, the largest ice cap in Europe.

For 12 months, the director chronicled the largest European lava flow of the last two centuries. Filmed with an Ultra High Definition camera, this film offers us the spectacle of a nature that is at once capricious, unpredictable and grandiose.


Production: Saint Thomas for RMC Découverte

Direction: Jacques Bedel

Genre: Science

Available versions: French

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