Armenian Genocide, 100 years later 52' by Nicolas Jallot

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1915: After a succession of defeats, the Ottoman Empire entered the First World War. The state, which had already lost 80% of its European territory, collapsed. Nationalist ideology won over the Ottoman elite, revealing internal tensions across the Empire. The Armenians, who had been established in Eastern Anatolia for 3,000 years, rapidly became the enemy. Between April 1915 and July 1916, more than one million of them were deported and massacred. This was the first genocide in a century that would see more than its fair share.

In Turkey, discussion of the subject has always been refused and concealed, the use of the word “genocide” forbidden. However, it is from within Turkish society itself that voices are now calling to be heard.

This documentary provides a mouthpiece for two key people that could not be further apart : Hasan Cemal, a Turk, and grandson of one of the perpetrators; and Fetiye Cetin, a Turkish Armenian and granddaughter of one of the victims. Together, they will lift the curtain on this bloody page in history, and speak of the urgent need for truth.


Direction: Nicolas Jallot

Production: Transparences Production

Genre: History

Available versions: French, English

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