Amazon Games 52' by Sandrine Leonardelli

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Once a year, an Olympic flame is lit in Brazil announcing the opening of the Indigenous Games, the Games of the Amazon.

This year, the event takes place in Porto Seguro, with 800 athletes from 30 different indigenous groups competing in traditional sports.

"The Amazon Games" tells the story of two tribes, the Matis people and the Enawenes Nawes Indians, who will embark upon the journey of a lifetime to take part in an amazing adventure.

Two tribes, two voyages, two incredible adventures, with one unique goal: participate in the Games…and win !


PRODUCTION: ZED with the participation of Arte / Canal Futura / Equator TV / Discovery Networks International / RTBF

Director: Sandrine Leonardelli

Genre: Human Stories

Available versions: French, Brazilian Portuguese, Castellano, German, Neutral Spanish, Russian, English

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