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Nature's Survivors 52’ 4K

What happens to animals in the face of natural disasters?

Raising Notre Dame 90' & 52' 4K

An intimate behind-the-scenes look at the monumental effort to rebuild Notre Dame, retracing its tumultuous 850-year history.

Bastille day: Chronicle of a Revolution 52' 4K

With 3D modeling and reconstructions, relive hour by hour the storming of the Bastille of July 14th 1789, the event that turned France's fate upside down.

Elizabeth II: God Save the Queen! 52' & 90'

Scandals, break-up and Brexit: Queen Elizabeth has faced many challenges. Is she ready for the next round?

Lina's World 10x3'30 2D

A lively animated series that tackles the issue of religion through the eyes of a cheeky little girl.

Mussolini, the Fascist Emperor 2x52'

Benito Mussolini, from his rise to power in 1925 to his downfall in 1943.

Microorganisms, the air we breathe 52' 4K

Plunge into the microscopic universe that thrives in our sky.

Asteroid Rush 52’ 4K & 8K

Thanks to reconstructions and breathtaking computer graphics, this Ultra High Definition series will allow us to understand asteroids and predict their trajectories in order to avoid a new catastrophe.

Wild Treasures of China 5x52' 4K

In the great wild spaces in China, rare species are slowly inhabiting these untamed wildernesses again. Shot as close as possible to this secret wildlife, this series captures behaviors rarely seen until now, to celebrate the splendor of nature.

Fabergé, the Making of a legend 52' 4K

The epic story of the house of Fabergé, from the rise of an ‘artist jeweller’ in 19th century imperial Russia to the enduring legacy of fabergé today.

Iraq, Destruction of a Nation 4x52'

Thanks to exclusive access, unique archives, poignant witnesses and a powerful storytelling, it immerses us for the first time into the conflict that led to Iraq's destruction.

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