Presales (29)

A Justice of Terror 52’ & 90’

How were the law and justice perverted to serve Nazi ideology?

Florence Nightingale: Nursing Pioneer 90' & 2x45'

The story of the woman who paved the way for the heroic work of nurses today.

Fontainebleau: The Palace of the Centuries 52’ & 90’ 4K

A compelling and glamorous saga to explore one of the jewels of royal architecture in Europe.

Aurora 7x52’

Can humanity chart a course through the cosmos? A thrilling series on those who dare to answer this question.

Becoming a Shepherd 52'

A one-year immersion alongside young apprentices as they learn one of the oldest profession in the world.

Happiness at school 3x52’ & 90’

What transformations should school experience in the digital era?

Joni Mitchell: Nonconformist 52'

From Jimi Hendrix to Prince or Taylor Swift, she influenced everyone who heard her music. Portrait of an unmistakable voice of the Woodstock generation.

Looking for Al Pacino 52'

A fascinating look at the legendary yet enigmatic Hollywood icon.

Super Squirrel: Chatelaine of the Forest 52'

A dive into a century-old forest through the eyes of its nuts-eating tiny inhabitants.

The last winter of the Tsaatan people 52'

There are only 200 Tsaatan left in northern Mongolia. Today, a government decision is about to upset their existence. A dive in the heart of their fragile and threatened way of life.

Tombs of Egypt: The Ultimate Mission 2x52’ & 2x70'

An exclusive series on the brand-new discoveries made by renowned Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass, in Saqqara.

Wild dogs 2x52’ 4K

A captivating look at the wild cousin of man's best friend.

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