Presales (27)

Florence Nightingale: Nursing Pioneer 90' & 2x45'

The story of the woman who paved the way for the heroic work of nurses today.

Jersey way: inside the island's scandals 4x52'

A chilling series into the heart of one of the most secretive islands' system of the western world.

Eiffel: Towers' war 52' & 90' 4K

Behind the iconic The Eiffel Tower is the story of an architectural duel, unwavering tenacity and a major turning point in engineering history.

Amazons: Women warriors 52' & 90' 4K

A thrilling deep-time docudrama to uncover the truth behind the myth of Amazons.

Deep Time: Utmost experience beyond time 52'

In a revolutionary scientific and social experiment, 14 people spend 40 days underground with no contact to the outside world - or to time itself.

Flyways: the untold journey of migratory shorebirds 52' & 90'

A bluechip project about the bird-loving experts who are fighting to understand, conserve and champion global shorebirds.

Joni Mitchell: Nonconformist 52'

The portrait of a timeless folk icon.

Normandy: Northern men empire 3x52' 4K

A unique insight into 3 centuries of heroes, battles, fortresses and strategy.

Real life of a Roman soldier 2x52' & 90' 4K

Following recent and current excavations in Europe, thanks to reenactments, 3D and interviews of leading experts, this archaeological and scientific investigation depicts the portrait of the man behind the soldier.

Red Lipstick: making up history 52'

Cultural, traditional, scandalous or trendy, this film reveals how this tiny iconic object has been used throughout the ages, revealing how it mirrors our society.

Super Squirrel: Chatelaine of the Forest 52' 4K

A dive into a century-old forest through the eyes of its nuts-eating tiny inhabitants.

The Egypt code breakers 52' & 90'

Two hundred years ago, Jean-François Champollion deciphered the Egyptian hieroglyphs for the first time, thus solving one of the greatest enigmas in the history of humanity.

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