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Becoming a Shepherd 52'

A one-year immersion alongside young apprentices as they learn one of the oldest profession in the world.

Looking for Al Pacino 52'

A fascinating look at the legendary yet enigmatic Hollywood icon.

The Desert War 52'

The story of a little-known theater of operations, where WWII global conflict was fought and won.

Back to the Wild 2x52' 4K

When humans are locked down, animals roam free!

Iznik: The Sunken Basilica 52’ & 90’ 4K

Following archeologist Mustafa Sahin’s discovery, this film retraces the unprecedented underwater excavation supposed to unravel the mysteries surrounding an 1,600-year-old church found in 2014, in Turkey lake Iznik.

Jackie Chan: Building an Icon 52'

This film looks back at the making of a popular hero who has become the symbol of China, and that of a whole continent.

Naples: Under the Volcanic Threat 52’ & 90’ 4K

A race against time to explore the geological process behind eruptions and to protect the bay from an imminent yet unpredictable danger.

Climate Change: the Brain Paradox 52' 4K

We have never been so aware of the risk of collapse due to climate change. And yet, it seems we are unable to make the collective change the situation seems to demand. Why is that?

Raccoons: Survival Warriors 52' 4K

Following a litter of raccoons from birth to adulthood, this film explores what makes these crafty critters amazingly adaptable animals.

Genius plants 2x52' 4K

A brand-new perspective on green living beings that are mute, mostly immobile - but surprisingly smart!

Vikings: The Ghost Ship 52' & 90' 4K

A suspenseful and never told before scientific tale to retrace the viking saga.

Roman Megastructures 3x52'

The Greatness of the Roman Empire explored through some of the most iconic monuments.

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