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How were the law and justice perverted to serve Nazi ideology?

Fontainebleau: The Palace of the Centuries 52’ & 90’ 4K

The extraordinary history of France from the 12th century to Napoleon III's reign through Fontainebleau's architectural masterpiece.

Happiness at school 3x52’ & 90’

What transformations should school experience in the digital era?

Super Squirrel: Chatelaine of the Forest 52'

A dive into a spectacular century-old chestnut trees and conifers theater, through the eyes of a heroic female squirrel.

Zanskar, the promise of winter 52'

In Zanskar, winter remains a timeless season, both harsh and privileged. We still experience some of the Zanskar of the past, a valley then free of violence, inequality and consumerism. A valley of happiness?

Becoming a Shepherd 52'

A one-year immersion alongside young apprentices as they learn one of the oldest profession in the world.

Looking for Al Pacino 52'

A fascinating look at the legendary yet enigmatic Hollywood icon.

Tombs of Egypt: The Ultimate Mission 2x52’ & 2x70'

An exclusive series on the brand-new discoveries made by renowned Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass, in Saqqara.

Wild dogs 2x52’ 4K

A captivating look at the wild cousin of man's best friend.

The Desert War 52'

The gripping account of a forgotten conflict, from a new perspective.

Back to the Wild 2x52' 4K

When humans are locked down, animals roam free!

Iznik: The Sunken Basilica 52’ & 90’ 4K

Following archeologist Mustafa Sahin’s discovery, this film retraces the unprecedented underwater excavation supposed to unravel the mysteries surrounding an 1,600-year-old church found in 2014, in Turkey lake Iznik.

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