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Bastille day 52'

With 3D modeling and reconstructions, relive hour by hour the storming of the Bastille of July 14th 1789, the event that turned France's fate upside down.

Besieged fortresses, legendary battles 4x52'

Built at strategic points, and fitted with impressive fortifications and ingenious systems to counter attacks, fortresses are thought to be impenetrable. And yet, certain skillful warlords have successfully stormed them. How did they manage this?

Mussolini, the man who wanted to be Cesar 2x52'

Everyone knows Mussolini, one of the best-known figures of the 20th century, who embodied the alliance between Italy and Nazi Germany. But who knows the true story of Duce and, through him, Italian Fascism?

Ravensbrück: in the hell of deported women 52'

Thanks to the testimonies of the last survivors, with the help of experts, 3D models and reconstructions, this poignant film will tell the story of the largest concentration camps for women, Ravensbrück.

The man who killed Napoleon 3x52'

Thanks to newly discovered secret documents, revisit the rise and fall of Napoleon through his best enemy, Joseph Fouché.

Under The Pole - We lived under the sea 52'

Mixing human adventure, underwater exploration and scientific discoveries, this film will tell the extraordinary epic of the Under The Pole team in the capsule, their underwater station.


What if the natural world were less selfish than we first thought? Observing tacit alliances, mutual services, secret pacts, and altruistic sacrifices, this blue chip wildlife documentary explores the mysteries of animal cooperation.

Animal Survivors 52’ 4K

Every year, the Earth is hit by cyclones, earthquakes, volcanoes and floods. These events hit the front pages of newspapers with headlines documenting the human death toll. But what happens to animals in the face of natural disasters?

Asteroid Rush 52’ 4K & 8K

Thanks to reconstructions and breathtaking computer graphics, this Ultra High Definition series will allow us to understand asteroids and predict their trajectories in order to avoid a new catastrophe.

Blood Money: Inside the nazi economy 2x45' & 90'

An exclusive documentary that examines the rise and fall of the nazi regime through its economic system.

Decoding Saqqara, the secret hieroglyphs of the pyramid 52' & 75'

A two-month immersion in one of the greatest archeological missions to crack the secret texts of Saqqara.

Fabergé, the Making of a legend 52' 4K

The epic story of the house of Fabergé, from the rise of an ‘artist jeweller’ in 19th century imperial Russia to the enduring legacy of fabergé today.

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