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Animal Builders 52' 4K

Humanity’s history has been full of great architects. However, what is less well known is that animals are also very talented! Embark on a surprising journey along with bowerbirds, ants, beavers and chimpanzees and discover their secret skills.

Apollo, the Ultimate Experience 90’ & 2x45’

Relive the Apollo Program as never seen before! Full color archival image and 3D reenactment retrace from a brand-new perspective this epic adventure, to mark the 50th anniversary of mankind’s first step on the Moon.

Our True 6th Sense 52' 4K

Supernatural intuition, power of the mind, the 6th sense has never ceased to be a sort of fantasy. But did you know we really had a 6th sense? Embark on a scientific investigation that sheds light on our little-known 6th sense called proprioception.

Toilet: The Global Taboo 52' 4K

What does the future hold for toilets? Why hasn’t there been more progress since its creation? Embark on a worldwide scientific investigation and discover this universal issue from a new perspective.

Animals at War 2x52' & 90'

Today, the soldier relies on advanced weapons & communications technology as his essential support. But in WW2, soldiers relied a different support: Animals. Discover how dogs, horses, elephants & pigeons became WW2 soldiers’ best friends.

Decoding Da Vinci 52’ 4K

Through sketches and notebooks, the comparison of paintings and the analysis of infrared reflectography, this film takes a fresh look at da Vinci’s painting and what it meant to him: Total art as a way to understand the world.

Genius Sea Hunters, The Third Dimension Unveiled 3x52' 4K

Through breathtaking underwater, aerial and 4K images, embark on a scientific investigation to decode the most spectacular marine animals’ behaviors.

Gulag, The Story 3x52'

Based on previously-unreleased documentary sources, this landmark series tells the story of the Soviet concentration camp system, a major political, human and economic fact of the 20th century which remains unknown until today.

Never Alone: The Other Law of the Jungle 100' 4K

What if the natural world were less selfish than we first thought? Observing tacit alliances, mutual services, secret pacts, and altruistic sacrifices, this film explores the mysteries of animal cooperation.

Oases: The Desert Sentinels 5x43'

Embark on a journey to the most beautiful oases in the world, and meet the people who try to maintain the traditional oasis lifestyle. Together, they initiate new projects to preserve this unique ecosystem.

On the Trail of the Snow Leopard 52'

In a secret valley of the Tibetan Plateau lives a mythical animal: the snow leopard. Facing the altitude and the bitter cold, two nature photographers brothers follow its track.

Prehistoric World 52' & 90' 4K

A prime time large-format production, this scientific documentary will travel back in time to visit the five most powerful extinction events in Earth’s history.

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