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Amsterdam Under Threat 52'

How is Amsterdam preparing for the worst? Discover the innovative and ambitious projects developed to save this emblematic city from the rising waters.

Bastille day 52' 4K

With 3D modeling and reconstructions, relive hour by hour the storming of the Bastille of July 14th 1789, the event that turned France's fate upside down.

Climate Change: the Brain Paradox 52' 4K

We have never been so aware of the risk of collapse due to climate change. And yet, it seems we are unable to make the collective change the situation seems to demand. Why is that?

Elizabeth II: God Save the Queen! 52' & 90'

Scandals, break-up and Brexit: Queen Elizabeth has faced many challenges. Is she ready for the next round?

Lina's World 10x3'30 2D

A spicy animated series that tackles the issue of religion through the eyes of a cheeky little girl.

Microorganisms, the air we breathe 52' 4K

Plunge in the microscopic universe that thrives in our sky.

Mussolini, the Fascist Emperor 2x52'

Benito Mussolini, from his rise to power in 1925 to his downfall in 1943.

Asteroid Rush 52’ 4K & 8K

Thanks to reconstructions and breathtaking computer graphics, this Ultra High Definition series will allow us to understand asteroids and predict their trajectories in order to avoid a new catastrophe.

Jackie Chan 52'

This film looks back at the making of a popular hero who has become the symbol of China, and that of a whole continent.

Our Forests 5x52’ 4K

Across the planet, the deforestation is sounding a new alarm. Faced with the inevitable climate change, endangered biodiversity and the fate of aboriginal peoples, 5 indigenous leaders offer a critical look at the excesses of Homo-economicus.

Surviving like a raccoon 52' 4K

Following a litter of raccoons from birth to adulthood, this film explores what makes these crafty critters amazingly adaptable animals.

The Doubt Makers 52' & 90'

How can science be manipulated to raise doubts? Why and in who’s interest? And how do we, as individuals and citizens, consent to that? One by one, this film dismantles the workings of this clever manoeuver that aims to turn science against itself.

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