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The World according to Modi: The new Strength of India 54' & 79'

Through the portrait of this political juggernaut, comprising interviews with his political opponents, supporters and international experts, this investigation tells the rise of India’s new leader who has changed the face of his country.

The Rise and Fall of Carlos Ghosn 52' & 74'

From the brilliant engineer to the fearsome "cost killer", former Renault-Nissan CEO tells his journey from childhood to his arrest in 2019.

Besieged fortresses, legendary battles 4x52' 4K

This gripping series explores how fortresses redefined the art of warfare, thanks to CGI, dramatized scenes and key experts.


This full archive documentary looks back at the fascinating and passionate history of Americans’ relationship to the environment.

Femicides 95’

From first meeting to murder, this film follows a year-long investigation on five emblematic cases of femicide, to reveal a recurrent criminal pattern.

Queen Elizabeth's Last Battles 52' & 90'

Scandals, break-up and Brexit: Queen Elizabeth has faced many challenges. Take a look back at the Queen’s milestones of the past two years, thanks to archive footage and interviews.

Lifeguards at sea 6x45'

Experience in close proximity the work of the sea rescuers, the first link in the chain of help brought to people in situations of real or potential shipwreck.

Roman Megastructures 3x52'

The greatness of the Roman Empire explored through some of the most iconic monuments.

Genius Sea Hunters 4x52’ 4K

From the humpback whale in Alaska’s Glacier Bay to the Patagonian orcas landing on the beach, discover the most spectacular hunting strategies of marine animals decoded.

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