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An Ocean of Life 100x1’30’'

Dive deep into the ocean to meet its creatures: from the calm starfish to majestic whales, from tiny cleaner shrimps to big groupers.

Baby Cages 52'

Through the testimony of a survivor, this film lifts the lid on the striking and little-known story of how the Allied designed a "de-Nazification" process and training in democracy to turn a generation of kids out of nazism.

Hitler's Teen Killers 52'

They grew up under the Nazi regime. They pledged to give their lives for Hitler. Historical colorized archives and a handful of survivors tell us this story.

Manufacturing Ignorance 52' & 90'

An in-depth and gripping investigation that plunges us into the science of doubt and the strategies put in place by the "doubt makers" to confuse the public debate and paralyze political decision-making.

Sperm Whales: Encounter of a new kind 52'

Alongside two explorers, this film takes us closer than ever to these giants of the deep, to live an intimate moment between man and whales, captured in their home, in the immensity of the ocean.


80 years after the events, this film lifts the veil on the greatest mass-arrest of Jews ever carried out on French soil, in the light of the most recent historiography.

Fabergé, the Making of a legend 52' 4K

The epic story of the house of Fabergé, from the rise of an "artist jeweller" in 19th century imperial Russia to the enduring legacy of Fabergé today.

Lion Dynasty, a matter of pride 52’

The unique saga of a lion pride, filmed over 10 years, fighting to maintain its dynasty.

Iraq, Destruction of a Nation 4x52' & 2x55'

Unique archives, poignant witnesses and a powerful storytelling unveil the full story that led Iraq to chaos after over 40 years of conflicts. A geopolitical thriller that throws a fresh light on a tragedy that reshaped the world we live in.

Oases: Sentinels of the Desert 4x52’ 4K

What if oases were able to answer the environmental and human challenges of tomorrow? Embark on a journey to the most beautiful oases in the world, and meet the people who created these unique landscapes.

Her Name was Grace Kelly 52'

Considered one of the most beautiful actresses of her time, Grace Kelly remains an icon today. But do we know the inside story? Who really was Grace Kelly? An intimate and unprecedented portrait through the eyes of her family and close friends.

Lina's World 10x3'30 2D

A lively animated series that questions the stereotypes linked to religion and brings reflection on its place in today’s society through the eyes of a cheeky little girl.

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