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Iraq, Destruction of a Nation 4x52' & 2x52'

Thanks to exclusive access, unique archives, poignant witnesses and a powerful storytelling, this series unveils the full story that led Iraq to chaos after over 40 years of conflicts.

Operation Barkhane: Women on Duty 52' & 70'

Who said that the army is only a man’s business? A nurse, a firefighter, a technician manager and a co-pilot: Four female soldiers share their their daily missions, their hopes and their determination to fight the terrorist threat in Sahel.

Polynesia, the Tourism of the Future 52'

How can we imagine new ways to discover Polynesia? Can we think of a tourism that is more respectful of the inhabitants, the culture and the environment?


This full archive documentary looks back at the fascinating and passionate history of Americans’ relationship to the environment.

Lina's World 10x3'30 2D

A lively animated series that questions the stereotypes linked to religion and brings reflection on its place in today’s society through the eyes of a cheeky little girl.

The World according to Modi: The new Strength of India 54' & 79'

Through the portrait of this political juggernaut, comprising interviews with his political opponents, supporters and international experts, this investigation tells the rise of India’s new leader who has changed the face of his country.

Ambassadors in Berlin: The Whistleblowers of WWII 52'

Thanks to newly disclosed archives (eye witness accounts, personal notebooks, telegrams and reports), this film unveils how foreign diplomats based in Berlin tried to alert the world early on to the rise of Nazi Germany, but only to be ignored.

Manufacturing Ignorance 52' & 90'

An in-depth and gripping investigation that plunges us into the science of doubt and the strategies put in place by the "doubt makers" to confuse the public debate and paralyze political decision-making.

The Rise and Fall of Carlos Ghosn 52' & 74'

From the brilliant engineer to the fearsome "cost killer", former Renault-Nissan CEO tells his journey from childhood to his arrest in 2019.

Beat the Drum for Music 5x26'

Where do instruments come from? How did we come up with such surprising, complex inventions? Thanks to archive footage and an original approach, this series tells an offbeat history of music through instruments.

Oases: Sentinels of the Desert 4x52’ 4K

What if oases were able to answer the environmental and human challenges of tomorrow? Embark on a journey to the most beautiful oases in the world, and meet the people who created these unique landscapes.

The Secret Life of Mangroves 3x52’ 4K

An eye-opening series that immerses us in one of the most mysterious, rich and vulnerable ecosystems on the planet.

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