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Yanomami, Voices of the Forest 52'

An immersion deep into Amazonia, in the Yanomami culture, where we discover their way of living and how central the shamanism practice is.

Zanskar: a winter of happiness 52'

In Zanskar, winter remains a timeless season, both harsh and privileged. We still experience some of the Zanskar of the past, a valley then free of violence, inequality and consumerism. A valley of happiness?

Becoming a Shepherd 52'

A one-year immersion alongside young apprentices as they learn one of the oldest profession in the world.

Becoming Al Pacino 52'

A fascinating look at the legendary yet enigmatic Hollywood icon.

Kalahari, Land of secret alliances 2x50’ & 50’ (Science of) 4K

The fascinating story of how animals and plants use cooperation to survive in one of the most punishing places on Earth.

Back to the Wild 2x52' 4K

When humans are locked down, animals roam free!

Cephalopods, Conquest of the Seas 52' & 90' 4K

Squid, octopus or cuttlefish: these strange soft-bodied animals never cease to surprise us. Through striking footage, this film plunges us as close as possible to tiny, hardly observable species to discover their unique physiology.

Grand prix Monaco: countdown to the race 52' & 95'

Go behind the scenes of an incredible challenge: transforming the Principality of Monaco into the most legendary Formula 1 racing circuit: The Monaco Grand Prix.

Salamander: made to adapt 52'

The salamander, a discreet and highly symbolic amphibian, has fascinated mankind since ancient times. But who really is this animal and how does it live with us? Welcome to its world.

Naples: Under the Volcanic Threat 52’ & 90’ 4K

A race against time to explore the geological process behind eruptions and to protect the bay from an imminent yet unpredictable danger.

Notre-Dame de la Garde: A symbol on the Edge 52'

From the top of its hill, Marseille’s famous basilica watches over the people. Following the restoration of its monumental statue, this film unveils the constructions secrets of the emblem of the Phocaean city.

Tombs of Egypt: The Ultimate Mission 2x52’ & 2x70'

An exclusive series on discoveries made by renowned Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass, in Saqqara.

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