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Exploring Antarctica: A Coveted Land 52'

200 years after the discovery of the white continent, an International expedition explores the human impact on this protected sanctuary, and reveals the stakes which lie behind it.

Amsterdam Under Threat 45'

How is Amsterdam preparing for the worst? Discover the innovative and ambitious projects developed to save this emblematic city from the rising waters.

Ambassadors in Berlin: The Whistleblowers of WWII 52'

They tried to alert the world to the rise of nazism but haven’t been heard. Through diplomats’ personal archive (telegrams, diaries..) this film tells the story of a world where people dance while the old world is sinking.

Manufacturing Ignorance 52' & 90'

An in-depth and gripping investigation on the science of doubt, to expose the strategies put in place by the "doubt makers" in order to confuse the public debate and paralyze political decision-making.

The Rise and Fall of Carlos Ghosn 52' & 74'

From the brilliant engineer to the fearsome "cost killer", former Renault-Nissan CEO tells his journey from childhood to his arrest in 2019.

An American Affair: Trump & the FBI 52' & 86'

This exclusive investigation explores Trump’s secret ties to the FBI and the Mafia, using privileged access to FBI officials.

Her Name was Grace Kelly 52'

Thanks to an exclusive agreement with the Grimaldi family, this documentary tells Grace’s life story as it’s never been told before, through the eyes of her close relatives - notably Prince Albert of Monaco.

Beat the Drum for Music 5x26'

Where do instruments come from? How did we come up with such surprising, complex inventions? Thanks to archive footage and an original approach, this series tells an offbeat history of music through instruments.

Oases: Sentinels of the Desert 4x52’ 4K

What if oases were able to answer the environmental and human challenges of tomorrow?

The Secret Life of Mangroves 3x52’ 4K

An eye-opening series that immerses us in one of the most mysterious, rich and vulnerable ecosystems on the planet. Alongside those who live there, discover how mangroves offer unique benefits to both humans and animals.

Ku Klux Klan, an American Story 2x52'

This revealing historical fresco bringing together archival footage and interviews tells the story of the Ku Klux Klan and, through it, that of America.

Besieged fortresses, legendary battles 4x52' 4K

A gripping series that explores how fortresses redefined the art of warfare.

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