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A Whale of Tale 52'

Follow an entire family of sperm whales in its natural environment, alongside a team of scientists, witnesses of their evolution. Penetrate the intimate secrets of this animal: the largest carnivore on earth, but also the most unknown.

Animal Builders 52' 4K

Humanity’s history has been full of great architects. However, what is less well known is that animals are also very talented! Embark on a surprising journey along with bowerbirds, ants, beavers and chimpanzees and discover their secret skills.

Animals at War, Wild Heroes of Word War II 2x45' & 90'

Today, the soldier relies on advanced weapons & communications technology as his essential support. But in WW2, soldiers relied a different support: Animals. Discover how dogs, horses, elephants & pigeons became WW2 soldiers’ best friends.

Apollo: Back to the Moon 90’ & 2x45’

Relive the Apollo Program as never seen before! Full color archival image and 3D reenactment retrace from a brand-new perspective this epic adventure, to mark the 50th anniversary of mankind’s first step on the Moon.

Bad News for the Media! 52' & 70'

Today, 60% of people don’t trust the media anymore. Fake news, “infobesity”, media mistrust... The press is in a bad shape and people are sick of hearing the daily news. Can we reinvent journalism?

Battle for the Moon: 1957-1969, from Sputnik to Apollo 2x52’

To commemorate humanity’s first walk on the moon 50 years ago, this film will revisit the space race - from the launch of the first Soviet Sputnik in 1957 to the American triumph of the Apollo 11 in 1969.

Beyond Movement: Our 6th Sense Revealed 52' 4K

Supernatural intuition, power of the mind, the 6th sense has never ceased to be a sort of fantasy. But did you know we really had a 6th sense? Embark on a scientific investigation that sheds light on our little-known 6th sense called proprioception.

Closer to the Stars 52' & 90'

Focusing on the gigantic ambitions of astronomy specialists, through breathtaking footages and CGI, this documentary delves into the universe of the most important observatories of the world.

Cougar: On the Trail of the Ghost Cat 52' 4K

In the heart of France, a deadly beast appeared 250 years ago. Since 5 years, a rumor runs: the ghost of Gévaudan is back. The photographer Bruno Loisel follows the predator in its footsteps, to prove that it is, in fact, a Cougar of America.

Ella Maillart, a Life of Adventures 52' & 73'

From Switzerland to Central Asia, this film tells the story of Ella Maillart one of the greatest travelers of the 20th Century. Thanks to her texts, film footage, photographs and interviews, follow in the footsteps of a woman who marked history.

Flying Without Borders 52'

Follow of a young Eurasian crane to its wintering grounds, a travel from Estonia, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Turkey and Israel. From the land, we take the same route, a journey of encounters and discoveries.

Forts of Toulon 52'

Immersion in the "jewel of the Mediterranean". Toulon is now sheltering the largest naval base in France which hosts the flagship fleet of the French Navy. An unknown heritage highlighted in this documentary.

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