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Hitler's Desert War 52'

The gripping account of a forgotten conflict, from a new perspective.

Connections 4x26'

Two artists, two different styles. By bringing together one of their iconic paintings, each episode confronts two artists in their own historical context, two visions of the world, offering a broader perspective on creation, art, and artists.

Disappear: cover your online tracks 52'

Through five protagonists, this film explores our privacy needs and the ways to reduce our exposure to invasive forms of online surveillance.

From Massoud to Massoud: Fighting the Taliban 52'

This is the never-before-seen story of Ahmad Massoud, who is still leading the fierce, desperate fight against the Taliban in the remote Panjshir Valley.

Jackie Chan: Building an Icon 52'

From Hongkong to Hollywood: a portrait of the king of action comedy.

Nature's Survivors 52’ 4K

What happens to animals in the face of natural disasters?

Pablo Picasso & Françoise Gilot: "The woman who says no" 52'

For ten years, from 1943 to 1953, the painter Françoise Gilot shared the life of Pablo Picasso. Through never-before seen archives, this dazzling documentary sheds light on the influence this relationship had on their respective creations.

The Sand-eating Shark 52’ 4K

The story of a female lemon shark called Manoela who grows up in the waters of the tropical paradise of Fernando do Noronha off the coast of Brazil.

Yanomami, Voices of the Forest 52'

An immersion deep into Amazonia, in the Yanomami culture, where we discover their way of living and how central the shamanism practice is.

Zanskar: a winter of happiness 52'

In Zanskar, winter remains a timeless season, both harsh and privileged. We still experience some of the Zanskar of the past, a valley then free of violence, inequality and consumerism. A valley of happiness?

Kalahari, Land of secret alliances 2x52’, 90’ 4K & 52’ (Science of) 4K

The fascinating story of how animals and plants use cooperation to survive in one of the most punishing places on Earth.

Back to the Wild 2x52' 4K

When humans are locked down, animals roam free!

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