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Animal Builders 52' 4K

Humanity’s history has been full of great architects. However, what is less well known is that animals are also very talented! Embark on a surprising journey along with bowerbirds, ants, beavers and chimpanzees and discover their secret skills.

Ella Maillart, a Life of Adventures 52' & 73'

From Switzerland to Central Asia, this film tells the story of Ella Maillart one of the greatest travelers of the 20th Century. Thanks to her texts, film footage, photographs and interviews, follow in the footsteps of a woman who marked history.

Firefighters in the Heart of Danger 6x52' 4K

FIRE! FIRE! Every year, 60,000 wildfires rage across Europe devastating 3 million acres of land. But what causes these fires? Are they intentional or accidental? A research unit investigates using the same forensic tools and techniques as CSI.

Grey Seals, A Journey of Survival 52' 4K

Known for their good nature, grey seals have been recently seen attacking porpoises and even eating their young. Shot around the North Atlantic for more than two years, this film shows how they have weirdly adapted to their changing environment.

Gulag, a Life under the Soviet System 60' & 76' 4K

From Moscow to the extreme borders of Eastern Siberia, the film takes an in-depth look at one of the most brutal penitentiary systems of the twentieth century still largely unknown to this day.

High Energy: The Revival of Disco 52'

In the 1980s, music producers want to create a dance music movement as unifying as disco. They develop the "hi-energy", which after a first underground life in the US, becomes the musical style of a whole decade.

History Uncovered 4x52'

A full archive documentary collection which revisits the key moments of the 20th century history from a new perspective.

Hôtel De Crillon: The Renaissance Of A Paris Landmark 52'

After 4 years of renovation, the Parisian flagship hotel reopens its doors. Architects, artisans, restorers… more than 4000 people are behind this colossal renovation and expectations are high. A privilege visit one of the oldest luxury hotels.

Marine Mammals: Champions of the Deep 52' 4K

Deep beneath the ocean exists an incredibly hostile world - an icy world plunged in eternal darkness where the pressure is phenomenal.

New Zealand, a Legendary Land 110', 2x52' & 2x26'

Embark on a breathtaking voyage to a unique territory and meet the Maori people who lives in harmony with nature.

On the Trail of the Snow Leopard 52'

In a secret valley of the Tibetan Plateau lives a mythical animal: the snow leopard. Facing the altitude and the bitter cold, two nature photographers brothers follow its track.

Peter Falk Versus Columbo 52'

Embark on a journey in the footsteps of the man behind the character. A riveting documentary that pays tribute to the immortal character of Columbo to mark the 50th anniversary of the TV show.

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