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At the Nursing School 4x52'

Becoming a nurse: who are the people who, despite the difficulties, choose this vocational profession? During one year, we follow the training of these men and women who have chosen a profession like no other.


The striking and little-known story of how the US forces re-educated the Hitler Youth to freedom of thought and democratic values.

Exploring Antarctica: A Coveted Land 52'

200 years after the discovery of the white continent, an International expedition explores the human impact on this protected sanctuary, and reveals the stakes which lie behind it.

Femicides 95’

From first meeting to murder, this film follows a year-long investigation on five emblematic cases of femicide, to reveal a recurrent criminal pattern. Five tragic stories to alert us to our collective blindness and raise global awareness.

Queen Elizabeth's Last Battles 52' & 90'

Scandals, break-up and Brexit: Queen Elizabeth has faced many challenges. Take a look back at the Queen’s milestones of the past two years, thanks to archive footage and interviews.

the astonishing doc! 7x52’

Strong themes that resonate and build bridges between yesterday and today. Films that mix astonishing sequences, unpublished archives, secret images, and funny interviews with great figures of our time.

The Guillotine: A French History 52'

Through poignant testimonies and unpublished archives, this film tells the little-known history of this ruthlessly efficient killing machine and reveals the sometimes-heavy secrets that surround it.


80 years after the events, this film lifts the veil on the greatest mass-arrest of Jews ever carried out on French soil, in the light of the most recent historiography.

A World of Colours 21x52' 4K - NEW EPS!

How about travelling the world through colors? Embark on a world tour and explore countries’ culture, history, traditions and landscapes through this original prism.

Amsterdam Under Threat 45'

How is Amsterdam preparing for the worst? Discover the innovative and ambitious projects developed to save this emblematic city from the rising waters.

Bastille day: Chronicle of a Revolution 52' 4K

Hour by hour, with the help of experts, 3D modeling, and reconstructions, relive the key events of the storming of the Bastille, a turning point of the French Revolution.

Blood Money: Inside the nazi economy 2x45' & 90'

Blending rare archive footage and interviews with leading historians, this film examines the rise and fall of the Nazi regime through its economic system.

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