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Decoding Da Vinci 52’ 4K

Through sketches and notebooks, this film takes a fresh look at Da Vinci’s painting and what it meant to him: Total art as a way to understand the world.

The Élysée Palace, Architecture of Power 52'

Built in 1722, the Élysée Palace is known as the official residence of French Presidents. Thanks to 3D reconstructions, archives and interviews, this film tells the evolution through years and Presidents, of this symbol of the French Republic.

The Louvre, Building a Symbol 52'

10 million visitors, 40 000 artworks: no other museum in the world has ever equaled this figure. But the Louvre wasn’t built in a day, so what is its story? From palace to museum, delve into 800 years of the Louvre’s history.

The Otter Island 52' 4K

A blue-chip documentary following the steps of two young otters abandoned by their mother. Will they make it on their own?

The Pyramids: Solving the Mystery 6x47’

How were the pyramids built? What are the next revelations surrounding their eternal secrets? Thanks to CGI, satellite imagery and cutting-edge aerial archeology, this series decodes the mysteries of their construction.

The Weather: The Race to Forecast 52' & 90'

Look at the most spectacular weather phenomena and discover how scientists predict the weather and, each year, improve their predictions to avoid disasters.

To Kill a Queen: The last Days of Marie Antoinette 52' & 110' 4K

"The death of a Queen. The birth of a legend". Thanks to newly discovered secret documents from Marie Antoinette's trial, plunge behind the scene of this fascinating trial, which led the last queen of France to her inexorable fate.

Under The Pole 5: Deep Sea Corals of Polynesia 52' 4K

This time, the UTP team is heading for the South Pacific to explore the corals of the deep. Among the 1st to study these reefs function, they try to determine if these depths might be a climate refuge for the survival of shallow coral in the future.

5 submarines against the Nazis 52'

Throughout World War II, the submarine "Rubis" and the submersibles of the "Free French Naval Forces" scoured the Atlantic to neutralize the German Navy. Discover these forgotten ships that made possible the liberation of France.

Animal Builders 52' 4K

Humanity’s history has been full of great architects. However, what is less well known is that animals are also very talented! Embark on a surprising journey along with bowerbirds, ants, beavers and chimpanzees and discover their secret skills.

Animals at War, Wild Heroes of World War II 2x52' & 90'

What role did animals play during WWII? The little known story of millions of animals - dogs, horses, elephants & pigeons - who contributed to the war effort on the battlefield and behind the front.

Apollo: Back to the Moon 90’ & 2x45’

Relive the Apollo Program as never seen before! Full color archival image and 3D reenactment retrace from a brand-new perspective this epic adventure, to mark the 50th anniversary of mankind’s first step on the Moon.

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