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A World of Colours 12x52' 4K

How about travelling the world through colors? Embark on a world tour (China, Colombia, Australia) and explore countries’ culture, history, traditions and landscapes through this original prism.

For Dog’s Sake 52'

Following the steps of a dog, from its abandonment to its adoption by a new family, this moving documentary explores the millenary and unique bond existing between dogs and humans.

Living Universe 4x52' & 84' 4K

With breathtaking CGI and alongside the world’s most inspiring scientists, this series takes us aboard the next generation of spaceships to discover the planets beyond our solar system. What worlds lie out there among the infinite stars?

People of the Sea 20x26' & 6x52'

Travel around the globe and meet the last traditional fishermen who live between land and sea. On their boats or in their floating villages, they share with us their daily life and their beliefs.

Sacred Spaces 4x52’ & 4x90’ 4K

By revealing the secrets of the world’s greatest monuments, this blue-chip series tells the history of humankind, of our faith and our genius as builders. Embark on a journey through time and geography to discover our quest for the divine.

The Interpol Case 52’ & 90’

Can one of the regulatory authorities of our states be financed by private funds? This captivating investigation lifts the lid on one of the most secretive organization’s funding.

1968, Photographic Acts 52'

Rediscover the milestones of 1968 through timeless photos. Photographers, curators and photo-reporters gives us their feeling about these striking snapshots.

48H Under Suspicion 6x52'

Six episodes, six custodies of 48 hours, and a lot of murders. Based on testimonies of lawyers, magistrates and policemen, this series uses immersive reenactments to relive the crucial moment of custody.

A Cat And Mouse Game 52'

Explore the unique relationship between cat and mouse and discover their intriguing behavior.

Aquarium Megastructure: Nausicaá 52'

Equipped with a main basin as large as four Olympic swimming pools, Nausicaá is Europe’s biggest aquarium. From its architecture to the logistics of bringing in hundreds more species, plunge into an immersive journey into this exceptional project.

Battle on the Frontline, Maginot VS Siegfried 52'

Discover how Line Siegfried and Line Maginot protected Germany and France during World War II by using modern technologies. A fight between the two most sophisticated defense systems at the time.

Cities Under Threat 3x45'

How can Tokyo survive sitting on some of the most seismically active rocks on the planet? How do engineers try to protect NYC from what created it: water? Discover the technological innovations developed to save cities from disappearing.

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