Feature films (11)

Inuk 90'

Inuk, 16, lives in the capital of Greenland and is sent, against his will, to a children's home in the far north of Uummannaq. Far from his friends, far from his mother, far from his marks, he must (re)learn to live.

Midnight Oil: 1984 90'

Through never seen before footage, discover the untold story of a year that would ultimately make – but nearly break – Australia’s most important rock and roll band.

Becoming Woman in Zanskar 52' & 85'

In the Indian Himalayas, two best friends have to leave their familiy to fulfill their destiny as women.

Himalaya, a Path to the Sky 52' & 65'

Follow Kenrap, an attaching little child who decided to become a monk when he was 5.

Himalaya, Land of Women 52' & 80'

A sensitive and poetic immersion in the life of four generations of women in Zanskar during harvesting season.

I Am Cuba

"I am Cuba" examines the various problems caused by political oppression as well as by great discrepancies in wealth and power.

Jon, the sami 52' & 77'

Shot over one year, this film is an intimate portrait of Jon, a reindeer breeder who lives above the Arctic Circle. He shares with us his daily life and his doubts about the future of the Sami community.

This Way of Life 52' & 85'

A film about a family. Mum, dad, six kids and 50 wild horses, a beach, a mountain and a burnt down house.

The Besieged Fortress 81'

A suspenseful wildlife fiction shot like a true disaster movie, using pioneering techniques to provide exclusive footage and give us an unprecedented insight into a fascinating world.

Braddock America 101'

Although Braddock, the last bastion of steel, has lost its previous luster, its community continues to come together and try to shape the future.

Catherine Destivelle, Beyond the Summits 52'

An intimate film that follows Catherine Destivelle, one of the world's best climbers, on three spectacular climbs in the Alps.

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