Travel & Adventure (80)

Afghans to the top 52'

The story of the first afghan ascent of Mount Noshaq, the highest peak in Afghanistan.

American Loneliness 52'

"American Loneliness" tells the story of filmmaker Mathieu Le Lay's solitary journey into one of the most attractive areas on the planet: the American West.

Hunting Odyssey 12x26'

A series on the most spectacular hunting trips in the world, from Namibia to Patagonia!

Wings over Antarctica 52'

The first Human Flight over Antarctica.

Alone, 180 days on Lake Baikal 52'

In this film, Sylvain Tesson spends six months alone on the Baikal lake completely cut off from the outside world.

Weaving the World: A Journey With The Masters 5x52’

Between ancestral techniques and contemporary design, five craftspeople plunge us into the sensorial universe of cashmere, yak hair, plant fibers, cotton and silk.

Wild Brittany 52'

By following the first wing-beat of a young herring gull, the long epic of an Atlantic salmon and the unbridled quest for food of a hedgehog, it’s all the rich, natural heritage of a wild Brittany that is revealed.

The Secret Life of Lakes 10x52'

Head off to discover magnificent locations and five new lakes hiding the key to understanding the Earth’s mysteries: Chilika in India, Skadar in the Balkans, the Rift Valley Lakes in Tanzania, Saimaa Lake in Finland, and General Carrera in Patagonia.

Wild horse of the Marshes (The) 52'

In Camargue, a natural jewel among the most authentic in Europe, horses roam freely. We embark to discover the unexpected life of these wild and noble animals.

Crocodiles in dark waters 52'

On the banks of the Okavango River, director Luc Marescot is risking his life to dive into crocodiles' secret lair to understand their impact on ecosystem.

Green Paradise 28x26' & 28x45'

Discover the most beautiful natural paradises in the world, completely untouched by mass-tourism.

Y'Africa 13x26'

Embark on an exciting journey through Africa and meet a new generation of contemporary artists through interwoven portraits of painters, choreographers, actors or singers.

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